Tandheelkunde aan de Maas:  #het programma
08.30-09.00: Registratie en koffie
09.00-10.30 :The problem of complicated canal management
10.30-11.00: Koffie / Thee
11.00-12.30: A new technique with Hyflex files and guttaflow bioseal to tackle complicated root canal systems in       
12.30-14.00: Lunch / Thee / Verplaatsing naar andere locatie
14.00-17.00: Practice in acrylic teeth (Hyflex instrumentation and guttaflow bioseal obturation)
17.00-18.00: Afsluitende borrel
The root canal system is often a highly complicated canal network of multi-planar curvatures and anastomoses. Reaching the biological and design objectives of instrumentation in severely curved canals, deep apical splits and complicated canal systems can be an extremely challenging aspect of root canal treatment. The aim of this lecture is to introduce a novel instrumentation concept with   Controlled memory and EDM files for the predictable and safe enlargement of extremely challenging root canal systems.

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this course the participant should be able to: 

1.    Understand the design and biological objectives of canal instrumentation

2.    Understand the anatomical complexity of the root canal systems

3.    Investigate the minimum instrumentation requirements for effective disinfection

4.     Implement a new instrumentation method for the predictable management of challenging anatomies